About Us

About Us

Where We Started

Swip Alot started as Swip Swap St. Augustine in 2013. We had noticed the Buy and Sell groups on Facebook, and knew it could be done better. The current system had no organization, no standards, and for this reason we set out to change that. Our first group had very relaxed rules, allowing both local businesses and consumers to advertise on the same platform. They could talk about their communities, seek recommendations, and connect with each other. That group was an immediate success, and we quickly expanded across the north east Florida region.

To differentiate from the glut of Swip Swap groups across Facebook, we changed our name from Swip Swap to Swip Alot. With the name change, we got serious. Over the course of the next year, we grew to more than 1000 Facebook groups, and started our own network of websites and apps, all maintaining our original philosophy of equal advertising access to everyone in the communities across all of Florida.

Where We Are Now

Each county in Florida is now represented by 13 Facebook groups, a website, also both an Android and an iPhone app. These are all targeted to local markets, making it easy to connect with your friends, neighbors, and small businesses. The network offers classified advertising, employment listings, event listings, banner advertising, and more. We also have regional groups, sites and apps across Florida, for things such as Community Support, Restaurants, and more.

All of our groups, websites, and apps provide free classified advertising for anyone in the state. There are also opportunities to advertise in higher visibility spots for a fee. Please see our Advertising page for more information about these services. A few things we offer include banner advertising on the website, featured ads, sponsorship advertising, and much more.

Where We’re Going

Swip Alot is physically based in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, where we are very active in the local community. Our staff regularly participate in or sponsor events and charities, such as the St. Augustine Community Thanksgiving, or the Mission to End Student Homelessness. Event organizers via Facebook are free to add us as event co-sponsors, which will put their events in front of our audience.

We plan to continue expanding our services around Florida, which helps every community. From our free classified listings, to the local charities and social programs in our directories, Swip Alot is working to make things easier.

Spend some time reading more about Swip Alot policies on our pages for Privacy, Terms, Cookies, Frequently Asked Questions, and Rules. Keep in mind that all policies listed apply to any platform you are using to access our services, be it website, app, or social media. Continuing to use our services constitutes acceptance of all policies. You can contact us by clicking here if you need more information.

Thank you for buying, selling, trading, advertising, and connecting with Swip Alot!

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